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Welcome to the USA Sangha Council (USASC)

USA Sangha Council is a 501 3(c) organized to gather online or in person meetings of the resident Sangha in the United States who are fully ordained according to Vinaya Dharmagupta (originating in India then to Sri Lanka, onto China, Taiwan, Korea, and Vietnam).

Out of respect for our Buddhist History in the USA (data from us census, confirmed in other sites)

  • We recognize the oldest form of Buddhism in the USA which is Chinese Buddhism as the first to open the Buddha gate to the West with the establishment of a temple in 1852 and later another one in 1853 both in San Francisco. 
  • We recognize the second Sangha group from Korea who came around 1901 through Hawaii. 
  • We recognize the third group came from Japan around 1902 also through Hawaii.

Membership for Dharmagupta Vinaya Sangha in this council requires current residency in the USA, proof of ordination and a confirmation of the present status as pure in precepts from another Sangha member in your organization or through verified elders of other schools, sects, or traditions.


This council will convene as enough members join to determine places for future meetings to discuss the progress of propagation of Buddhism in the USA and will meet online using various video chat services to keep a low carbon footprint.

  1. There is no academic scholar or lay membership or attendance to our meetings at all.  No exceptions.
  2. Members must be residing in the USA to join, irregardless of whether they are citizens or immigrants with a visa.

This council will be encouraging and preparing for the 200th year in 2052 of the Chinese Buddhist Sangha presence in the USA in 37 more years. With preliminary celebrations expected at 175th year in 2027.

USA Sangha Association

Subordinate to this council is the more general USA Sangha Association:

USA Sangha Association is a national membership of monastic Sangha who are properly ordained in their tradition. They are not members of the USA Sangha Council.

This site will serve as an information resource for all the Sangha residing in the USA.

Non-voting Temple memberships and Supporting Organization Paid Listings will be offered to those organizations that are Buddhist, friends who support Buddhist teachings, and Buddhists from lay to fully ordained Vinaya Bhikshu and Bhikshuni.