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Planning Goals

The USA Sangha Council shall form a regular planning group made of Dharmagupta lineage Bhikshu and Bhikshuni to form the charter and set the times of the annual meetings via Skype or other online video media.

In person meetings shall alternate locations to include the middle and southern parts of the USA and not be exclusive to the West coast of the USA.  There are active communities of Sangha in every single state and we should accommodate them by choosing various convenient locations not just to benefit the West coast residents.

Fundraising will be through individual memberships, temple or monastery memberships and private donations from the devotees and interested public.

Every single Sangha  member shall be issued an ID card with a photo that will serve as verified status and identity in the USA.  This will serve as a verified and current status of the monastic during that year, annual cost is expected to be $10.

Database will be kept of membership that will serve temples and monasteries requesting verification of ordination status. 

Members must report changes in ordination status as they occur, status of parajika learner are to be verified by the resident temple affected, expelled but not disrobed and reason for expulsion, for example but not limited to these:  violent or inciting violence, obstructive, or mental unwellness, disharmony, emotional to the point of making the Sangha uncomfortable, being unwilling or unable to carry out monastic living (sic not temple duties); expelled and a disrobed date.

Later there will be limited links to other dharma masters nationwide and their language capability for giving dharma talks, lists of open communities and lists of protocols for each and every temple member to allow visiting Sangha the chance to visit and train in various communities easily.  Inter-religious dialogue in Christian settings have been going on for years, we have very limited amounts of this in all of our communities.