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Council Highlights

Council Membership is by Invitation

Membership in the Council is by Invitation You must commit an equal share of time and effort to this council as each member does. Name only with no action will be dropped and blacklisted. This is not for resume building. This committee and membership is only available to Bhikshuni and Bhikshu of the Dharmagupta lineage and must only be open to those qualified and presently residing in the USA . good standing must be verifiable with resident Sangha who speak and write English English must be good enough to speak and write professionally Bhikshuni or bhikshu must be full time in robes, those who are working outside the temple are also welcome to apply for the planning committee. US Citizen, naturalized US Citizen, Green card holders, Visa holders ALL good as long as you really live in the USA. capable decision makers strong personal Vinaya study Application is open, but Council will be extending invites after qualifications are verified. This committee and future activi